Quality Refractory Systems

R&H Quality Refractory Services, Inc. is committed to continuous improvement in the quality installation and maintenance of refractory systems. We will meet this commitment by maintaining an effective Quality System for our work place by involving our employees, suppliers, and customers.

Our key objectives and values are:

  1. To achieve and maintain a safe and accident free workplace
  2. To become the preferred provider of refractory services to our customers because of our quality and techincal knowledge.
  3. To utilize our resources in a productive and cost effective manner.
  4. To respond to our customers in a timely and effective manner through quality planning and work execution.
  5. To involve our employees, suppliers, and sub-contractors in our Quality, Safety, and Response systems.
  6. To create an environment that encourages all employees to behave in an honorable way and to treat others fairly and with respect.
  7. To monitor our performance against our company goals, ensure accountability throughtout the organization and provide a basis for identifying areas for improvement.