Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management in Westlake, LA

R&H maintains a select, predetermined inventory of refractory materials on hand at the home office. This allows for a quick response to our customers which may experience unexpected failures due to unit upset, power outages, etc.

This inventory includes, but is not limited to, metallic and ceramic anchors, C-clips, an array of brick including Fire Clay, Hi-Alumina, multiple shapes, rotary kiln brick (RKB), insulating fire brick (IFB), red shale acid brick, refractory cement, mortars, and castable materials. Additionally, acid resistant epoxy floor toppings are kept on hand, including membranes, primers, and grout.

Except for certain large jobs, all materials ordered pass through our warehouse. This allows for a hands on inspection of materials received, proper protection from the elements, and gives us control of what is sent to the jobsite and when.

Aside from materials, our warehouse personnel maintain and control a wide range of tools and equipment. From our two 2 ton flatbed trucks, two gooseneck trailers, ½ ton pickup, a 53’ box tool trailer, and three smaller enclosed tool trailers to kiln rigs, gunite pots, brick saws, welding machines, hydraulic & pneumatic equipment, miscellaneous equipment and small tools R&H can support any project we take on.

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